I was born and raised in Bulgaria, spending a lot of time hiking, playing the violin, studying languages, and being a tomboy. As a teenager, I moved with my family to Boulder, Colorado, where I focused on being a nerd with a side of skiing, tennis, and photography. I got my degree in aerospace engineering and spent a couple of years working on the Space Shuttle program in Utah so I could forever introduce myself as a rocket scientist. Then I moved to Seattle to work on commercial airplanes at Boeing, first designing them and then marketing them to airlines. I enjoyed the challenges of my work and at the same time, I knew that my passion lay elsewhere. After a decade in the corporate world, I left to find my calling. A time of exploration, travel, and healing led me to my coaching career where I get to use my curiosity, intuition, love of humans, and listening to support people through their own transformations, both in my own business and as a leader at Accomplishment Coaching.

I love living in the vibrant city of Seattle, surrounded by gorgeous mountains and waterways. When I am not working, I am most likely hiking, climbing, traveling, or watching some great show while it rains out. I have also taken up “acting,” which for now is better left in quotation marks.



Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado – Boulder

Certificate of Sustainable Business, Bainbridge Graduate Institute

Coach Training Program, Accomplishment Coaching


Coach Moxie

To me, moxie is the intersection between courage and fun.

Courage is a running theme for me – the courage to leave one career and start a new one, the courage to say the bold thing (to my family, to my clients, to my friends), and the courage that I want my clients to step into as they make the impossible possible.

And fun? Well, fun is an essential part of my life. Without fun, what’s the point?