One-on-one coaching

The type of coaching I practice is called ontological coaching. Ontology is the study of the nature of being. Hence, when you hire me, I become your partner in reaching your goals faster while also looking at the way you are being in the world – noticing your patterns, choosing the ones that serve you, and re-examining the ones that don't. Basically, I support you in getting out of your own way and into transformative action.

I don’t have the answers about your life – you do. My job is to ask you the questions that will support you in uncovering your own answers. You don’t need me. You choose to work with me because in my listening, I might hear and reflect things for you that you can’t see for yourself. We will go wherever you choose for us to go. Of course, I have some fancy tools to help us along our journey of discovery, but they are just that – tools. Our hearts and brains will take us much farther. My mission is to have you show up as authentically you and flourish from that place.

Transformation takes time so I require a six-month commitment from my clients. When we decide to work together, we’ll have four one-hour sessions a month, either on the phone or in-person, at a regular time. You will bring in whatever topic you want to discuss each week. We will co-design actions for you to take on between our sessions. We will also design long-term projects for you in the areas that you want to move forward.

I like to start with a complimentary session so you can experience the power of this work. So go ahead, seize the day, and contact me!


Workshops and presentations

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